Care instructions & Materials


For us, the choice of material is of the utmost importance and we have the pride of mixing different materials in our products. Materials that are significant for Ruth & Joanna are, for example, steel with a surface of polished brass finish and tempered glass and mirror glass. There are also marble in different colors as well as wood in the walnut finish. When it comes to our upholstery furniture line we have chosen to focus on exclusive velvet in rich colors but some of our products can also be obtained in genuine leather.

STAINLESS STEEL Our metal furniture are handmade of stainless steel with different kind of finishes, like polished brass and polished chrome. Dust off polished stainless steel and metal finishes regularly with a feather duster or soft clean cloth. Wipe spills immediately. Remove stubborn stains with tepid water and wipe with a soft, dry cloth. Do not let air dry. Never use hot water, chemicals or adhesive removers.

GLASS AND MIRROR With our coffee table and side table you can choose a table top in either tempered glass or mirror glass but also a mix of both. The thickness of the glass differs and is adapted to each table.

MARBLE Since marble is a natural material, it is important to be aware that these may vary in appearance. For example, patterns and colors look something different from table to table. Marble is sensitive to both discoloration and scratches so it must be handled a little extra when used.

VELVET Velvet upgrades any piece of furniture to a higher level, thanks to its rich, luxurious look and feel. Velvet has a history that dates back thousands of years. Through the centuries and cultures worldwide, velvet was a highly prized material, often symbolized with wealth, power and royalty. Velvet does not tolerate water very good and should not be washed if possible. The material attracts dust easily so we recommend you to vacuum it as often as possible. Carefully brush the velvet furniture as often as possible with a soft brush to keep the fabric clean and fresh. Velvet may get light print marks, but they can easily be removed with the help of a steamer. We recommend dry cleaning the removable cases when necessary.

LEATHER We use cow leather tanned in traditional methods in order to maintain it’s natural beauty and soft feel. The variations in color and texture are the prized characteristics of leather so each piece is unique. Over time, the leather will acquire a patina and may darken due to the oils of the skin and direct sunlight. Scratches and other consequences of use will also change the natural look of the leather.

Please contact us if you have any further questions regarding how to take care of your piece.