Diamond Ottoman

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Product description

This elegant piece is characterized by architectural and geometric elements to create a stand-out style. It is functional and decorative at the same time and an ideal complement to any seating area or as a foot rest.


W 60 cm, D 60 cm, H 35 cm


Frame in plywood and foam, upholstery in fabric

Care instructions

Routine maintenance helps keep your upholstered furniture in perfect condition. Vacuum clean the upholstery regularly to keep the fabric in good shape and prevent dust. Remove spills and other accidental stains as soon as possible, but never with harsh soaps or detergents. The best way to remove spills is to soft the blot with a dry cloth but avoid rubbing and putting pressure on the fabric. In the case of an old and dried up stain use a specialized stain cleaner. Follow the instruction on the packaging and always try the solution on a small, hidden area first. Be careful with jeans that can transfer color onto the fabric: this may be unfixable. Velvet fabric is prone to marking and to remove pressure marks you can gently steam the area and brush the velvet with a soft brush. To maintain the original softness and resilience of the cushions, hand fluff and reverse the cushions regularly. Avoid exposure to excessive sunlight and don’t expose your seating to scratches from pets or sharp objects.


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