Gazelle Console Table – Polished Brass

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Product description

Minimalistic design meets maximalist materials. Our Gazelle Console Table has a timeless, elegant design and will make your home look more dressed. It works great in a hallway, a living room or why not as a make-up table in a bedroom. Put our Fiona ottoman underneath for a complete look. The table comes in two different sizes; 110 cm and 130 cm. You can choose between three different finishes; polished brass, chrome and black chrome. Table top is available in clear glass and mirror glass.


W 110 cm or 130 cm, D 35 cm, H 80 cm


Stainless steel with a finish in polished brass, chrome or black chrome. Table top with clear tempered glass, mirror glass or a mix of both clear glass and mirror.

Care instructions

STAINLESS STEEL Dust off polished stainless steel and metal finishes regularly with a feather duster or soft clean cloth. Wipe spills immediately. Remove stubborn stains with tepid water and wipe with a soft, dry cloth. Do not let air dry since water can stain stainless steel as well as cause damaged chromiumplated and lacquered steel surfaces to rust or loose color. Never use hot water, chemicals or adhesive removers. If you are using chemicals when cleaning some material close to the metal, make sure not to spill it on the metal finish. GLASS & MIRRORS Use appropriate glass cleaning solutions and a microfiber cloth for cleaning glass surfaces and mirrors. First, remove any dust and other non-sticky spills. Then, spray water onto the surface; plain hot water works best since it leaves no streaks. Wipe the glass surface or mirror with a microfiber cloth. Use straight vinegar to clean up spills or remove stubborn stains. Dry with a clean microfiber cloth. If you are using a chemical cleaner, take care not to spill it on any of the surrounding finishes. Never use abrasive materials as they may cause scratches on the surface. Avoid dragging objects across the surface and take care not to place hard and sharp objects directly on the glass and mirror. We recommended using coasters and place felt pads under accessories.